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Overwatch 2 announced, features replayable PvE Hero Missions and a visual overhaul

Far from over.

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Blizzard has officially unveiled Overwatch 2, and it's the biggest update the game has ever received.

There's a new core PVP game mode called Push, a new hero, Sojourn, releasing at launch, and there will be replayable co-operative Hero Missions featuring a fully fledged progression system.

Oh, and many of the heroes have been given a new look thanks to an engine upgrade - a very pleasant surprise.

Game Director Jeff Kaplan was quick to point out that Overwatch 1 owners will be able to play with those who own Overwatch 2; and they'll also be able to play Overwatch 2 heroes and maps. While no announcement was made regarding price, it's likely we'll have to fork out more than a few quid for the sequel.

All those cosmetics you worked hard for? Each and every one of them will transfer over to Overwatch 2. So don't fear, you'll still be able to rock Witch Mercy and Beekeeper Mei - phew.

Keep an eye on our Overwatch 2 guide hub for more in-depth info on all the new features!

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