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New Overwatch patch adds Junkrat and Mercy nerfs and WOW-themed content

Reworked heroes and new promotional items are now live in the game.

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A new Overwatch patch has been deployed to all servers. The update introduces changes to Junkrat and Mercy, extra support for the Xbox One X client, and new cosmetic items for those who pre-order the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth.

Junkrat's Concussion Mine now does less damage to those targets that lie further away from the centre of the explosion. The developers have outlined that the change should add a greater degree of skill to the use of this ability.

More significant changes have been made to Mercy, however, and all are centred around the new Valkyrie Ultimate given to the Support character towards the end of 2017. Resurrect is now no longer cast instantly while in this mode, and it no longer provides a bonus charge of Resurrect either.

The duration of Valkyrie has also been reduced to 15 seconds (down from 20), while the speed bonus applied to Guardian Angel during the Ultimate phase has been reduced by 50%. All of these changes are designed to bring further balance to this popular character, and they follow on from last year's significant reworking of the hero.

Overwatch fans who also play World of Warcraft may be interested in the current pre-order promotion for this year's Battle For Azeroth expansion. Buy the pack in advance and you'll gain access to new emote, voice lines, sprays and player icons, all themed around the Warcraft universe. Check the blog post for more details.

Finally, Overwatch now supports 4K resolution on Xbox One X. A minor bug fix for D.Va's recently added Black Cat skin has also been applied with the latest patch.

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