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More Mercy changes being tested on the Overwatch PTR

It's now possible to rapidly Resurrect two fallen teammates.

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A new round of changes for Support hero Mercy are now being tested on the Overwatch PTR. The update comes around a week after an initial round of tweaks was made to the recently re-designed hero.

Over on the official Overwatch forums, principal designer Geoff Goodman outlined the new approach the team are teaking to balancing a character that's rapidly becoming dominant in all corners of the Overwatch metagame.

The first change allows Mercy to now effectively use her friendly target as a slingshot. Once locked on, she can use her jump to fly past her target a little, reproducing the zero air-resistance bug that she's enjoyed lately, albeit in a more consistent manner.

Further changes have been made to Valkyrie, Mercy's new Ultimate ability. Instead of increasing the range of Resurrect - which brings a fallen teammate back from the dead - it now provides one free use of the ability for the duration of Valkyrie. If that charge isn't used, it vanishes when the Ultimate phase ends.

The intention behind this latter change is to provide Mercy with a little of her old ability to quickly dive into the thick of combat and resurrect multiple teammates rapidly, but without heading back to the bad old days where she could bring an entire team back to life with one push of a button. That was never much fun for the other team.

It's taking a little while for Overwatch's developers to find the sweet spot for rebalancing Mercy's new look. While it's great to see fellow Support her Lucio relegated to second place for the first time in Overwatch's history, Mercy's fast becoming an instant-pick on every team - and woe betide the Support specialist who wants to play a different hero that game.

There's no date for when these changes will hit the live game, but as soon as one is announced we'll make a new post on the homepage.

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