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Moira to launch in Overwatch "soon"

Overwatch's 26th hero will hit the game in an imminent update.

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Overwatch's next hero Moira will be launched in the live game very shortly. The announcement was made using the infamously teasing Blizzard-speak, “Soon”, and appeared in a post by developer Bill Warnecke on the game's Reddit community late last night.

According to a separate chat log posted on the forums yesterday evening, the Moira launch was originally scheduled to take place this Tuesday but a delay was necessary due to unforeseen complications with the character's rollout. Here's hoping we don't have too much longer to wait.

Moira is Overwatch's 26th hero and represents a very welcome addition to the Support family of heroes. Moira blends damage and restorative beams together in order to provide a very flexible and offensive team healer, and was first revealed at BlizzCon at the beginning of this month. Our Moira guide has more info if you'd like to prepare yourself ahead of release.

With promotional materials promising a total of 26 characters for newcomers to enjoy during this weekend's free to play event, it seems almost certain that we'll see Moira appear on servers within the next 24 hours.

We'll update this story as soon as she's live in the game.

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