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Moira and Blizzard World release date narrowed down - Overwatch

A brand new map and hero should be playable on the PTR this week.

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Game director Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that the Blizzard World map will be coming to the PTR this week. Blizzard also announced that it’s working on adding brand-new hero Moira to the PTR within the same timeframe.

Blizzard revealed a new map, hero and animated short at this year’s Blizzcon 2017 event. In an interview with Venture Beat, Jeff Kaplan expands on these reveals and also subtly confirms that the new map is going up on the Overwatch Public Test Realm this week.

”The amount of love that the team poured into this — every little detail — I can’t wait for people — they have it here to play on the show floor, but I can’t wait for it to go up on the PTR next week, because then they can just run around the empty map and explore.”

Blizzard World is a brand new hybrid map that pays homage to some of Blizzard’s biggest franchises and will see heroes do battle in a theme park filled with references to Starcraft, Diablo and Warcraft. Players will defend the gates of Stormwind, brawl in taverns and even attempt to push the payload towards the Skeleton King’s throne room.

A post in the Overwatch subreddit by Blizzard engineer Bill Warnecke also suggests that we’ll see new hero Moira available to play on the PTR alongside Blizzard World.

”We can’t wait to get a build with Moira on to the PTR. We’ll do our best to make it happen as quickly as possible this week. Cheers!”

If you’re after further information on how Overwatch’s new support hero works, we’ve put together a handy Moira guide which you should definitely check out.

While no date is currently set for both Blizzard World and Moira to hit the PTR, we’ll be sure to update our homepage when they both go live.

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