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Masquerade comic released to mark Doomfist's launch - Overwatch

Blizzard drops a new lore-bomb ahead of the next hero's live release.

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A new Overwatch comic has just been released by Blizzard. Titled Masquerade, the tale is set in the days following Doomfist's escape from prison, and showcases his return to work with characters Reaper, Sombra and Widowmaker.

Head over to the official Overwatch site if you'd like to read through the whole thing for yourself. There are some fancy animated elements that really bring the digital comic alive nicely.

Although Blizzard attempts to tell as much backstory as it can through the game these days - most recently using new map Horizon Lunar Colony to shine a light on Winston's upbringing - these comics tend to be the primary means of opening up the Overwatch universe. They're not often all that penetrable for the average player, but lore fiends seem to love them.

Doomfist himself is currently in testing on the Overwatch PTR, but he'll be joining the live ranks in a week from now on Thursday 27th July. If you want to get on top of the hero before he hits the live servers, start brushing up with our enormous Doomfist guide. As well as covering the basics, we've got some in-depth tips articles for using specific abilities too.

Following a long - perhaps too long - period of hype, it's inevitable that Doomfist's eventual incarnation has led to something of a mixed response in the Overwatch community. Some feel his melee-focused combat style sits at odds with the wider styling of the game, while others have expressed concern that he turned out to be yet another Offense character.

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