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Lucio's concept art may be released as a skin - Overwatch

His early design could make it's way into Overwatch.

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In an official forum post, Game Director Jeff Kaplan said that Blizzard may introduce an early concept art of Lucio as an unlockable skin in the future.

The concept art was designed by Assistant Art Director Arnold Tsang, and can be found in Blizzard’s upcoming The Art of Overwatch book that contains more than 300 pages of illustrations and concept art, all produced during the creation of Overwatch.

A preview of the book shows Lucio with turntables on his hips and equaliser pants that would light up as he played music. Originally the design didn’t make the cut because his outfit may have proved to be too distracting in game, so they toned it down to the Lucio we see and play today.

It certainly seems like a very cool design and we also hope that we'll be able to unlock it one day!

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