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Latest Overwatch Developer Update introduces new hero Ashe

Gunslinging damage hero now available to test on the Overwatch PTR.

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Upcoming Overwatch hero Ashe was revealed at BlizzCon last weekend, and a new Developer Update video has just been published which goes into greater detail about how the character works.

Ashe is a damage character who's been designed around her primary weapon, The Viper. This is a semi-automatic rifle with two firing modes. The primary firing mode hits with reduced accuracy and damage, while the secondary fire mode allows you to aim down sights for greater power and accuracy, albeit at the expense of a reduced firing rate.

Ashe also has a secondary gun called The Coach Gun. This is a shotgun blast that she can use to disengage with other people. If somebody comes into her space and she doesn't want them near, she can use The Coach Gun to do damage and knock both the target and herself backwards. The ability can also be used to launch Ashe to a new vantage point.

Her other ability is called Dynamite. When activated, Ashe takes out a few sticks of dynamite, lights the fuse and then throws them in a direction. It causes an explosion which inflicts a damage over time effect on nearby targets. Ashe can also shoot the dynamite proactively to set it off before the fuse expires.

As for Ashe's Ultimate ability, B.O.B. is a giant Omnic robot that charges into battle, knocking the nearest enemy up into the air, at which point Ashe can snipe the target. B.O.B. then uses his arm cannon and turret fires at enemies. He can be targeted by enemy players, and characters on Ashe's team can also target BOB - think of Ana's Nano Boost Ultimate in this context.

Ashe was first revealed in a new Animated Short released by Blizzard at BlizzCon. It tells the story of Ashe's relationship with McCree, and can be viewed right here:

Ashe is now available to test on the Overwatch PTR, and we've got a comprehensive Ashe guide to help you get on top of all her tricky abilities.

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