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Dallas Fuel: Roster, schedule, fixtures, highlights, results and video on demand [VOD] - Overwatch

Our one-stop guide to everything to do with the Overwatch League team.

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Our Dallas Fuel page contains details of fixtures, roster, results, highlights, and video on demand [VOD] from the team's matches in the Overwatch League.

The Dallas Fuel Overwatch League team are comprised entirely of EnvyUs who are one of the most popular and well-known esports organisations in existence. Their Overwatch performance in particular has been outstanding over the last 18 months, and they're hotly tipped to be one of the major players in the Overwatch League.

Our massive Overwatch League guide has more detail about the competition itself, including an overall schedule of events, details of teams and prize money.

Dallas Fuel Match Schedule

Preseason Matches

Before the first season of Overwatch League play begins in January, Dallas Fuel will be taking part in the December preseason exhibition event. Here are the details of their first match-up:

  • Thursday, December 7th @ 18:00 CT vs Houston Outlaws

Season One - Stage One

There will be four stages in the first season of Overwatch League, followed by the tournament-deciding playoffs.

Only the details of the first stage have been revealed so far. Here are all of the matches you can expect to see Dallas Fuel take part in.

  • Wednesday, January 10th @ 22:00 CT vs Seoul Dynasty
  • Friday, January 12th @ 18:00 CT vs Los Angeles Valiant
  • Thursday, January 17th @ 16:00 CT vs Houston Outlaws
  • Friday, January 19th @ 22:00 CT vs London Spitfire
  • Friday, January 26th @ 22:00 CT vs San Francisco Shock
  • Saturday, January 27thth @ 13:00 CT vs Boston Uprising
  • Thursday, February 1st @ 16:00 CT vs Philadelphia Fusion
  • Saturday, February 3rd @ 15:00 CT vs New York Excelsior
  • Wednedsay, February 7th @ 18:00 CT vs Shanghai Dragons
  • Friday, February 9th @ 18:00 CT vs Los Angeles Gladiators

Dallas Fuel Results

Once the Overwatch Leauge has actually begun, we'll add details of Dallas Fuel's match results here.

Dallas Fuel Highlights

We'll be producing highlights articles for the Dallas Fuel matches once the League is under way. You'll find links to those highlights from this section once they become available.

Dallas Fuel Video On Demand [VOD]

Where video on demand [VOD] is available, we'll include it here so you can catch up on all of the action from the team's involvement with Overwatch League.

Dallas Fuel Roster

Here are the current members of Dallas Fuel, as well as their role in the team. This information is correct as of 27th November 2017:

HandleReal NameRole
TaimouTimo KettunenDPS / Flex
EFFECTHwang HyeonDPS / Flex
SeagullBrandon LarnedDPS / Flex
MickiePongphop RattanasangchodFlex
coccoChristian JonssonTank
xQcFelix LengyelTank
chipshajenSebastian WidlundSupport
CustaScott KennedySupport
HarryHookJonathan Tejedor RuaSupport / DPS

Dallas Fuel Coaching Staff

Here's the full coaching staff list for Philadelphia Fusion. Again, this information is correct as of 20th November 2017.

HandleReal NameRole
TazMoMat TaylorManager
KyKyKyle SouderCoach
Hastr0Mike RufailCo-Owner
Ken HershKen HershCo-Owner

Dallas Fuel Social Media

You can follow Dallas Fuel on the following social media channels

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