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Dafran disqualified from Overwatch Contenders - Overwatch

On-steam behaviour found to violate Blizzard's Code of Conduct.

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As of June 8th, pro-player Dafran has been found in violation of Rule 7.0 (Conduct) of the Overwatch Contenders Ruleset and removed from the competition. The news came in an official post by Blizzard.

The official Ruleset states:

"All competitors and spectators are required to act in a respectful sportsmanlike manner at all times."

Dafran is a pro-player for North American Overwatch team Selfless, which has been competing in Season Zero of Overwatch Contenders. He also has a regular streaming schedule on, and was recently seen by his viewers throwing games on purpose, and even encouraging others to do the same.

Blizzard has taken serious disciplinary action against Dafran in regards to his behaviour on this stream and these are all the penalties he faces:

  • He’s been disqualified from Overwatch Contenders Season Zero.
  • He will not be eligible for Overwatch Contenders Season One.
  • He's been disqualified from all future Blizzard-sanctioned tournament play for the duration of Competitive Season 5.
  • All of his current Overwatch accounts have been suspended for one week.

Dafran later tweeted his response to the upset, expressing regret for the affect this would have on his teammates. Be forewarned that his precise wording isn't exactly family-friendly.

Despite his actions, the rest of Dafran’s Overwatch Contenders team are still able to compete in the tournament, with a substitute taking his place.

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