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Blizzard World now available to play on the Overwatch PTR

Get stuck into the all-things-Blizzard hybrid map starting today.

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Blizzard World is now available to play on the Overwatch PTR. The hybrid map isn't expected to release until some time in the new year, but it's now available for testing if you'd like an early look at what's next for the game.

Blizzard World was announced at this month's BlizzCon fan-gathering in Los Angeles, and sees two teams of six battling to secure a payload and then push it over the finishing line - or not, depending on the side you're fighting for of course.

This is no ordinary map, however, and is in fact a theme park dedicated to Blizzard games past and present. Map defenders begin in the Heroes of the Storm Arcade, for example, while attackers start off in a Hearthstone Tavern. As the map plays out there are thematic nods to StarCraft, Diablo and others as well.

If you'd like to get up to speed on the fundamental strategy involved with playing the map, make sure you have a look through our growing Blizzard World guide. We're in the process of updating it with all the latest tips and tricks straight from the PTR, so stay tuned for further detail.

We'll add a story to the homepage as soon as we have a firm release date for Blizzard World.

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