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Blizzard teases new Overwatch hero with two mysterious clips - Overwatch

Featuring Jeff Kaplan getting sucked into a black hole.

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Blizzard has released two music-themed teasers for what looks to be Overwatch’s next hero.

The first teaser was buried in a short Developer Update video posted over on Twitter. Everything starts out as normal, with Jeff Kaplan delivering his famous, “This is Jeff, from the Overwatch team” line before he’s suddenly sucked into a strange black hole of sorts.

After a brief moment of silence, everything turns white, piano starts playing and complex mathematical equations start flying towards the screen. Eventually the music begins to distort, the equations grow hazy and the Overwatch logo signals the end of the teaser. If anything, it’s all rather ominous.

Moving onto the second teaser, and it shows us what looks like a sci-fi uniform of sorts, with the Greek character for ‘Sigma’ on its nameplate. Again, it's underscored by the same tinkle of spooky piano, until an alarm starts blaring and flashes of red streak across the outfit.

It’s very difficult to draw any conclusions from these two teasers, but we’d hazard a guess that Overwatch hero 31 could be an evil mastermind or scientist. Judging by the uniform, equations and sirens, it’s not out of the realms of possibility that the upcoming hero could be a genius involved in an experiment gone awry, or even someone who has escaped from a top secret facility.

Going by Overwatch’s last hero release, Baptiste, it’s unlikely this new hero will be a Support. Perhaps they’ll fit into the Defense category which hasn’t seen any new arrivals in a while? For now we’ll have to wait and see.

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