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Blizzard targeting Overwatch cheats - Overwatch

Publisher now seeking "tens or hundreds of millions of dollars" of damages through US courts.

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Blizzard has historically taken an extremely dim view of players who use exploits or third-party programs to gain an advantage in any of its games, and Overwatch is no exception.

As well as taking an aggressive stance by banning players who knowingly take advantage of certain map exploits, the publishers is once again turning its attention towards a company called Bossland, who create subscription-based cheats for any number of Blizzard's games.

The Overwatch cheat allows players to view enemy positions on a radar at all times, along with an indication of their current health status. Having tussled with Bossland in various lawsuits since 2011 - and with some currently ongoing in German courts - Blizzard is now seeking compensation in a Californian court.

The publisher hopes to reclaim damages "in the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars", according to the filing. Blizzard feels able to raise this new legal action in the US, due to various elements of the Bossland operation that touch upon US soil.

We'll update the story as new developments occur, but here's hoping a level playing field for everyone is established one way or another in the near future.

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