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Blizzard exploring options to buff Orisa - Overwatch

Minor improvements being made in internal testing.

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The Overwatch team is exploring ways of improving the performance of the game's latest tank Orisa. The news was revealed on the official Overwatch forums by game director Jeff Kaplan.

His response came in a player post suggesting that a combination of low damage output and poor survivability was making the character a tough pick to justify in competitive play.

Kaplan responded:

"We don't think she needs a mega buff. We are experimenting with some minor improvement though. Apologies for no details - we're trying a few things right now and not all of them are going to stick. Overall, we feel like she's not far off but not quite in the ideal spot yet."

So, don't expect any drastic revisions to this character's performance, but do expect a little fine-tuning in an upcoming update.

We're big fans of Orisa but share some of the community frustrations with her performance. Let us know what you think about 2017's first new character in the comments - has Blizzard done her justice?

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