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Blizzard announces Overwatch Workshop and it's available on the PTR right now

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Blizzard has announced the Overwatch Workshop, a new feature which allows players to create their own game modes and prototype heroes, before sharing them with the world.

Game director Jeff Kaplan revealed the news on Overwatch’s latest developer update video and explained that the Workshop was inspired by a separate Map Editor used by the developers.

While anyone can get stuck in and start experimenting, Kaplan is quick to point out that the Overwatch Workshop will “speak to, most immediately, people with some experience with other scripting engines or people with programming backgrounds.”

Kaplan also explains that the Workshop is less of a map editor or character creator, but more of a tool which allows players to tweak with existing content.

“You won’t be able to create custom geometry or import art into the game that doesn’t currently exist. It mainly allows you to control the game logic behind game modes, and what’s happening with different heroes.”

A quick browse of the Overwatch subreddit shows that players are already knocking together some pretty amazing modes.

Redditor “Zezombye” has fashioned a Gungame mode inspired by Counter Strike: Source’s, whereby players race to cycle through every hero in the game, with each kill pushing them one step closer to topping the leaderboard.

Anyone interested in trying out this gamemode for themselves only has to copy in the share code and it’ll be available in the Workshop right away. It all works across platforms too - sterling stuff.

The Overwatch Workshop is currently available for testing on the PTR servers for both console and PC.

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