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Blizzard alters Overwatch role queue launch dates

Fallen back a few places.

Blizzard has announced that the launch of the Overwatch role queue feature will now have a staggered release across the game's quick play, competitive, and arcade modes.

After a two-week beta period on the live servers, it was expected that the role queue would simulatneously launch across all Overwatch game modes on 1st September. However, it will now only feature in competitive play from that date, with the quick play and arcade launch coming two days later on 3rd September.

Blizzard has said that the reasoning behind the short delay is so that they can "fully support and respond to any issues that may arise for both Competitive Play and Quick Play."

If you're not sure what this role queue nonsense is all about, it's essentially a system that allows you to choose whether you want to play DPS, Tank or Healer before the start of a match. You'll then be grouped up with other players to make a more balanced team composition featuring two of each role.

In addition, you'll receive your own skill rating for each role, which will be taken into account when finding other players for your team. For example, if you're a higher tier DPS, you'll be grouped up with other high tier Tank and Healer players. Similar to competitive Overwatch, a series of placement matches will decide these original ranking scores.

Recently, Blizzard also implemented a similar role lock system in the Overwatch League.

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