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Best Play of the Games of the Week #3 - Overwatch

Feast your eyes on the best Play of the Games from the last seven days.

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It's the end of another week in Overwatch, and with the recent news that the game's picked up some 15 million players since launch, we're not surprised to see a steady flow of spectacular plays trickle their way onto the net.

Every week, we like to bring you a round-up of our favourite plays from the last 7 days of Overwatch. Some of these are straight up Play of the Games, while others are Highlights put out there by the players.

As always, we'd love to see the best of what you've been up to. Pop your clip onto the Gfycat servers, share a link to it in the comments, and we'll include it in next week's round-up. Have fun!

(Watch these clips on a desktop computer for best performance. On mobile they can be a little slow-loading, and they'll eat a fair bit of usage from your data plan.)

All weeks:

We'll start with the importance of paying attention to your surroundings!

When you forget to switch weapons but maybe that's OK.

Have we mentioned the importance of paying attention to your surroundings?

Some quick thinking prevents Pharah from taking an early bath.

Lucio shows off some incredible survival skills.

You can never wipe out too many Meis.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Yep, that Lucio buff is definitely live.

Quick thinking from Roadhog to save the Support.

A cluster of kills with a little help from Mei.

Some fine sharpshooting skills in this PotG.

This was always going to get messy.

Simple geometry...

A beautiful collection of precision plays.

The importance of thinking outside the box.

Thanks so much for coming!

Genji cleans up in spectacular style.

No ringers in Lucioball please.

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