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How one team of players have brought badminton to Overwatch - Overwatch

Playing with fire.

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John is a freelance writer based in West Sussex.

Overwatch has only been out for a fortnight and it looks like players are already finding ways to play the game in entirely unintended ways.

Take the team in the video below, for example. Not for them the rigours of driving Payloads to their destination, oh no. Instead, they bring four Genjis, two Mercy's and a Junkrat to the fight in order to set up a game of...badminton.

The Mercy pair line up to provide a net via their beams, while the Genjis fight to bat a Junkrat grenade back and forth. If one team fails to return the explosive before it can detonate, the other team gains a point

It's great fun - make sure you watch teh whole thing to see how they get on.

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