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King's Row map guide - Overwatch

Essential hints and tips for winning more matches on Overwatch's King's Row map.

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As part of our ongoing series which looks at the many maps of Overwatch, we're turning our attention today to King's Row. If you've not been playing the beta but you have been paying attention to the steady dripfreed of pre-release cinema shorts revealed by Blizzard in recent weeks, you might recognise it as the setting for the Alive video.

In-game, King's Row represents an absolute feast for those who enjoy the element of surprise, with plenty of twists and turns to be found among the sprawling cobblestone streets of this heavily stylised take on London. There are chokepoints and sniping-positions galore, as well of plenty of places to lay devilish traps in order to frustrate the advance of the attacking team. It's safe to say that no two fights ever feel quite the same around these parts.

In this guide, you'll find plenty of hints and strategy tips to help give your team the winning edge on King's Row. Keep in mind that this is a work in progress, and we'll be updating this and our other map guides all the way through to the launch of Overwatch and beyond, as players uncover the best secrets for strategic success!

If you've got some tips of your own, let us know in the comments and we'll include them the next time we revisit this guide.

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Attacker tips for King's Row

  • One of the biggest problems you'll face as the Attacking team is just getting through to that first checkpoint. Reinhardt can prove to be a particularly powerful option here, as that shield can provide a great barrier for your team to advance behind.
  • Your flankers in general can provide an incredible advantage on this map. Characters like Tracer and Reaper excel at taking the road less travelled, slipping down the assorted side alleys, and getting at some of the sticky defenses that can quickly bring an attacking team grinding to a halt.
  • It can be useful to go for the height advantage on this map, particularly in the early stages where things feel particularly claustrophobic. Heroes like Pharah are great for taking to the skies and then raining down the pain on the enemy Heroes attempting to hold onto the Payload / checkpoints.
  • Exercise extreme caution when you reach the final stage of King's Row as the attacking force. There are balconies and ledges galore for your opponents to steal themselves behind, and it's not at all uncommon for otherwise solid attacking plans to fall to pieces here. Switch Heroes if needs be to aggressively flank and clear the path ahead.

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Defender tips for King's Row

  • When defending, keep a very close eye for any snipers who might be using the many balconies and ledges to pick off your team so that their friends can make a break for the Payload. More so than on just about any other map in the game, King's Row demands awareness of what's going on in the air as much as on the ground in front of you!
  • If there's one Hero that's always going to be an insta-pick on King's Row it's Symmetra. If the rest of the team can lock down access to the Payload, Symmetra's turrets - placed cunningly in the hotel lobby entrance - will hold back even those who manage to slip through this early chokepoint.
  • Mei is another outstanding pick when it comes to frustrating the attacking team from the very start of a match on King's Row. Ice Wall isn't just great for blocking off access to the Payload, it can also be used to separate an opponent - the enemy's tank, for example - from their friends, leaving your team free to blast them to pieces.
  • Because the attacking team will often find themselves needing to make progress through narrow interiors, Junkrat is another fine pick here. The splash damage from his lobbed bombs can be deadly in confined quarters, and his traps can cause no end of bother for the opposing team too!

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King's Row team comps and builds

Here's the latest news on which Heroes are proving particularly powerful picks in the competitive scene for King's Row. As with all of our team build recommendations, we've actually give you a number of choices for each slot so you can play characters you're strong at.

We'll have some more outlandish suggestions for you as they're unearthed by the community, but for now you should find the following make for a great starting point when building a team. Remember to switch Heroes to deal with the enemy threat!

If you're look for help with the other maps in this category, take a look through our pick of the best Hybrid team comps and builds. We'll be updating all of these articles regularly in the weeks and months ahead.


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King's Row Health Pack / Medikit locations

Coming soon!

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