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Hollywood map guide - Overwatch

Our guide to getting ahead of the competition on Hollywood.

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Overwatch's Hollywood map is one of the three Hybrid maps that currently exist in the game, and it's set - as you've no doubt already guessed - within the glitzy world of showbiz film production. Specifically, the attacking team is tasked with escorting a famous movie director through a series of sets towards safety, while the defending team must prevent the attackers from doing exactly that.

It can be an extremely claustrophobic map for both teams to operate within, and for that reason we thought it was high-time we added a Hollywood guide to our ever-growing collection of articles. Within this feature, you'll find plenty of general gameplay tips for playing on both sides of the maps, and we've also embedded a handy video which highlights where all of those health packs are located. In the not-too-distant future, we'll also add a gallery of the best sniping points available on Hollywood.

Got any Hollywood tips of your own? Let us know all about them in the comments section and we'll add them in - with credit - when we next update this guide.

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Hollywood tips

  • Widowmaker is an obviously strong defensive pick on this map, due to the many balconies and rooftops that she can make use of. When defending the first objective, she's particularly strong at turning that claustrophobic chokepoint into a deadly path for the attacking team. Junkrat is also strong for spamming death into the room that's adjacent to that same chokepoint, just ahead of the Payload.
  • On the defending team, a Torbjorn gets an extremely long line of sight for his turret to aim along at the incoming attackers. Symmetra might think about hiding her sentry turrets in the overgrowth on the walls, just to the right of the Payload as you're facing the chokepoint. They might still get picked off, but it's an extra layer of confusion which can prove deadly with the rest of your team fighting on the point itself.
  • If you're on the other side of the map, you might find it useful to pack the likes of Genji or Tracer onto your team. These are both excellent choices when it comes to dealing with defensive turrets, or just picking off the team members who are sitting on the point. This can be a tough objective to reach in random play, and a canny forward attacking squad are crucial for picking off the backline defenders.
  • Strong tanks for pushing the first objective include D.Va, Reinhardt and Winston. The ability to shield your team from projectiles will almost certainly prove vital on this map, and all three of these characters excel in that regard.
  • When defending the Payload's approach through the western section, Widowmaker is obviously powerful due to the many balconies and rooftops available to her. McCree is another character who excels at defending here, as there's a strong likelihood of encounters at close-range. Junkrat is another Hero who can leave the pushing team with no certain path to safety.
  • If you need to help push the Payload, any characters with high mobility will prove incredibly useful in this middle section. Good defending playerd will be protecting the higher ground, and so if you can get up in their faces and neutralise the threat they pose, your team on the ground will find it much easier to keep the Payload rolling. Think of characters like Genji, Hanzo, Pharah and Winston when it comes to taking charge of the rooftops.
  • Things get a lot less fluid for the defending team in the final third of Hollywood. Here you want to go back to your basics of Torbjorn turrents, well-positioned Bastions and - of course - that old defensive stalwart Widowmaker. Junkrat or McCree players should be protecting the flanking points to ensure your Widowmaker gets to continue picking off priority targets unharrassed.
  • Trying to make the final push with the Payload yourself? An offensive Widowmaker can help clear the path ahead nicely for the rest of your teammates, but this can be a tricky final hurdel for attackers to overcome. Shields and barriers will get you over the finishing line here, so again it's the likes of Winston and Reinhardt who provide the most obvious tanking advantage as you approach the finishing line.

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Hollywood team comps and builds

While we wait for some of the more imaginative team comps to emerge from the Overwatch metagame, you'll find the following Heroes to be extremely solid picks on Hollywood. We've given you a few options within each category, so you can play a character you feel most comfortable with when building your team of six.

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5 x Torbjorn / 1 x Lucio

We've had a lot of fun with this particular stacking strategy when it comes to defending the Payload point. Simply spread those turrets around the Payload area strategically, and stay agile as Torbjorn. Be prepared to re-position turrets at all times.

Hollywood Health Pack / Medikit locations

Take a little time to familiarise yourself with the locations of every health pack on Hollywood. If you get caught in a one-on-one fight, knowing where to grab a quick top-up can very often decide the outcome.

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