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Eichenwalde map guide - Overwatch

Our updated guide to Overwatch's newest map, with extra tips and tactics.

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Blizzard announced the first new map for Overwatch at Gamescom this yaer and it's a Hybrid affair that goes by the name of Eichenwalde. Thematically, Eichenwaled is a sprawling, Bavarian battleground that's defined by a disgusting number of chokepoints, as well as endless winding passages that are sure to delight flanking fans. It's not a tricky map to attack or defend by any means, and rewards an intimate knowledge of the environment.

In the first edition of this guide, all we had to show was a quick overview of the map itself, as well as little bit of information about how it played. Now that it's been out in the live rotation for a little while, we though it was worth putting together a few pointers to help you get your head around the strategy involved.

We will continue adding to this guide over time, and would love to hear your own tactics in the comments so we can include them in a future update!

Eichenwald tips

Now that Eichenwalde has been out on rotation for a little while, there are a few tried and tested tactics that have started to emerge. In the next section of our guide, we've got a few pointers that should help you get ahead of the game, whether you're attacking or defending.

Eichenwalde Attack tips

  • Have your flankers go wide and start attacking the first point hard. Your more defensive teammates can then start advancing at a more determined pace while the other team are heavily distracted and are racing to lock down the point. If you don't get there on the first attempt, you should be able to continue gaining ground over successive - slowly progressive attempts. Don't forget to regroup!
  • There's a lot of room for movement on this map, so we favour Mercy quite highly here. She can use her mobility skills to zip across gaps and reach those who are most in need as quickly as possible. Consider packing an Ana too, as her Nano Boost can make a real difference when it comes to busting through those treacherous choke points that really define the map.
  • The defending team loves to camp on Eichenwalde and wait for you to fall into their many possible traps. Try to bait them out into the open a little more, drawing them back into ground that is more favourable to your team.

Eichenwald Defense tips

  • If you're defending on Eichenwald then you should value your Ults extremely highly and avoid wasting them unnecessarily - more so than ever. They are superb for when the attacking team is close to pushing through a chokepoint, and you need to pull something out of the bag fast to stop them making meaningful, perhaps overwhelming progress.
  • There is a huge height advantage to be gained on Eichenwalde, so learn the map inside out and keep moving around to make the most of the exceptional high-altitude camping spots you can take advantage of.
  • You are very vulnerable to the attacking team's forward flanking forces if you get separated from your team. Take some time to explore the map in Spectator mode so that you know how to cut out some of the long and winding detours, and instead take shortcuts to get you straight back to your allies.
  • The final stretch of this map can be an absolute nightmare for the attacking team to deal with if you populate the area with turrets - both of a Torbjorn and a Symmetra nature. If Bastion can find a safe spot as well then this is one map where he can really shine.

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Eichenwalde Health Pack / Medikit locations

As always, half the battle is in simply staying alive and knowing where to grab the nearest health pack will give you a huge advantage. Take a look at the video below for a round-up of where you can grab 'em all.

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