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Ecopoint Antarctica map guide - Overwatch

Everything we currently know about Overwatch's new Arcade-exclusive map.

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Alongside all of the buzz surrounding the long-overdue Sombra reveal at BlizzCon this year, we also got a fascinating look at a very exciting new feature for Overwatch called Arcade Mode. Not only does this new section of the game - which effectively replaces Brawl - provide a wonderful assortment of new gameplay results to mess around with, it'll also feature a new map or two of its own.

One of these is called Ecopoint Antarctica. It's only been a little while since this map hit the live servers, and while we originally planned to flesh this guide out with details of health pack locations and so on, things are actually a good deal simpler on this arena battleground. There are no health packs and it's a reasonably symmetrical affair - just a game or two will give you the measure of things here.

Instead, you'll find greater insight in our guides to the game modes that are exclusively associated with Ecopoint Antarctica:

For those who are completely new to this new Overwatch map, however, here's a quick overview of what it's all about.


  • It is the thematic home of hero Mei, and is an exceptionally chilly scientific research site.
  • It is only be available to play in Arcade Mode - for now at least.
  • You are able to play the 1v1 and 3v3 Arcade Mode rulesets on this map.
  • It will be a fight-to-the-death, Arena style map to reflect these team sizes.

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Blizzard has revealed a handful of images for Ecopoint Antarctica. We will add to this section as soon as new material is released.

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