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Overwatch: Busan guide

Everything you need to know about the new Overwatch map announced at Gamescom

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A new Overwatch map was announced at Gamescom yesterday is now available for testing on the PTR.

Called Busan, this is the thematic in-game home for everyone's favourite mech-tank D.Va and it's a control map comprised of three different areas: Downtown, MEKA Base and Sanctuary.

In our starter guide to the new map, we've outlined all of the information that's currently known about Busan. Once we've had more time to mess around on the PTR version, we'll be adding in a collection of tips and tricks to help you get ahead. Once it's live we'll expand on all that strategy advice considerably.

First up, here's the trailer that was revealed at Gamescom yesterday, showing off Busan in all its glory:

Three zones feature in the video:

  • Sanctuary - This peaceful zone is reminiscent of Hanamura with its temples, shrines and blossoming trees.
  • Downtown - The urban control point of Busan, featuring buildings, sniping spots, chokepoints and alleyway.s
  • MEKA Base - This is the high-tech, interior centre of the map, and represents a very different side to Busan.

Alongside the reveal of Busan itself, the Overwatch team also released a new installment in its celebrated Animated Shorts series. Titled Shooting Star, it sheds a little more light on D.Va's origins in the Overwatch universe.

Busan Gameplay Video

If you want a few tips for getting started with Busan, this video from YouTuber Blame The Controller has some useful insight:

It's well worth watching the whole thing, as there are interesting thoughts on strategic approaches on attack and defense that may well help you out!

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