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Orisa guide - 2018 - Overwatch

Our must-read guide to mastering Orisa, the latest tank hero to hit Overwatch.

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Our Orisa guide contains ability information, gameplay tips, and everything else you could possibly want to know about Overwatch's latest tank.

Overwatch's 24th hero Orisa is all about providing a frontline for her team with barriers while simultaneously peppering enemies with her Fusion Driver. While she’s not particularly mobile, she makes up for it by being super difficult to pin down - literally. It’s extremely difficult to face her head on too, as she’ll probably have her whole team behind sitting her shield. In many ways she’s a hybrid between a tank and a support, able to disrupt enemies and get her allies into the fight without taking so much as a scratch.

Orisa might seem simple from the outset, but she’s perhaps one of the most complex tanks to truly master. To help you out with that, we wanted to put together a comprehensive Orisa guide that explains all of the ins and outs of playing this new addition to the Overwatch roster. We'll continue refining this article over time, but for now you should be able to find everything you need to get going right here.

If you've any strategy tips of your own for Orisa, let us know about them in the comments so we can include them in the next update! We're expecting the arrival of this new character to really shake things up for the tanking side of the game, and will take a lot of the pain from those attacking control point pushes too.

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Orisa abilities

Here's a very quick breakdown of Orisa's abilities, along with a little advice for getting the most out of them. You'll find more general strategy tips just after this section of our guide.

Fusion Driver [LMB] - An automatic projectile weapon, which slows Orisa while firing. It works a little bit like D.Va's guns in that regard. Keep in mind that it can be easy to end up falling behind your teammates if you blast this one out during a push - try to focus your fire a little and remain with the team.

Halt! [RMB] - Launch a graviton charge with RMB then detonate it with RMB. The sphere slows and pulls nearby enemies to it. There are many possible uses for this powerful ability, from clustering enemies together for focused fire from your teammates, to dropping a handful of enemies over the abyss.

Fortify [LSHIFT] - Reduce damage taken and you cannot be stopped. This obviously provides some extra survivability, but you need very sharp reflexes to make the most of this ability. Still, if you can get your timing just right then this can be the difference between a total team wipe or you surviving long enough to hold things together until your friends can get back to the fight.

Protective Barrier [E] - Throw a device that creates a barrier. This is a remote device that spawns a shield like Winston's shield ability. Use this ability to assist with a push, or simply to protect an objective from the likely direction of the enemy's next attack. Also a great addition to any payload...

Supercharger [Q] - Deploy a device that increases damage inflicted by your allies. Hang onto this one until you are in a significant team fight encounter, as it's a lot less impactful when used in smaller fights. This Ultimate has obvious benefits for taking a capture point, and combines very nicely with all immobilising Ultimates peppered throughout the hero roster.

Orisa Origin Story

Below we’ve embedded a video outlining how Orisa was first assembled.

Orisa tips

Here’s a selection of tips and tricks you should bear in mind when playing Orisa.

- The spread of Orisa's gunfire is constant from the very first shot, so you don't need to worry about firing in bursts. Target, hold down the left mouse button, and just keep rattling away.

- While Orisa's gun deals pretty decent damage over time, it's best used to whittle down defenses and place constant pressure on the enemy's frontline tanks. Barrage enemy Reinhardt shields, force D.Va to use her Defense Matrix even when she doesn't want to, or just hit Roadhog square in the face whenever he appears.

- Manipulate your enemies' positions by detonating Halt! above them, around corners or even just in front of the group. It's an ability that's designed to rip vulnerable targets from safety and plonk them in places they desperately don't want to be.

- Halt! is a perfect tool for dealing with pesky flankers - particularly Genji. As he's flipping around in the air, activate Halt! nearby and it'll suck him into the position of your choosing. If you're playing in a premade group, it's a good idea to call this out so your teammates can capitalise on his brief window of immobility. Of course, this doesn't just apply to flankers, it could be any enemy who's caught out of position too!

- Use Halt! just above an enemy Reinhardt who's got his shield raised. It'll pull him into the air for a split second and could be the opener you need to engage. This combines nicely if you've got a friendly Reinhardt as it gives him a small window to drop a successful Earthshatter if timed right.

- Spend some time in the practise range getting used to the amount of fire you can get out of one ammo clip. It's pretty generous and you don't want to waste time reloading unnecessarily.

- Fortify provides a 50% damage reduction, which can be enough to survive just about any Offense character's Ultimate ability.

- Track the yellow line on Halt as it passes enemies. Those it connects with will be affected by the detonation when you set it off. This ability will also tap a stealthed Sombra and it has a radius roughly equivalent to Ana's grenade. Note also that you can still use Halt while also firing with the left mouse button.

- The cooldown of Protective Barrier starts ticking down when you first place the shield, not when it's destroyed. That's great news as it means you can place one right before a fight begins, and then stand a good chance of playing a second one when the initial shield breaks.

- Don't hesitate to throw down Protective Barrier in front of a friendly Reinhardt shield or Winston bubble. It forces enemies to shoot it down first and buys your team more time to reposition and prepare for a fight.

- Protect your Supercharger if at all possible, as all opponents will very quickly learn to target it quickly. Hide it somewhat out of sight or at least drop a shield over it to give it a fighting chance. It increases the damage output of your nearby allies by 50%, which is nothing to sniff at!

- It's been confirmed that Orisa's Supercharger does in fact stack with Mercy's Ultimate and Ana's Nanoboost. Mix and match for some ridiculous damage buffs.

- Lastly, Orisa's Fortify ability even stops Reinhardt's Charge dead in its tracks!

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Error: Division By 0SeasonalCommon
Functionality Still In BetaSeasonalCommon
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Be CarefulSeasonalCommon
Your Pulse Has IncreasedSeasonalCommon
Annual Performance AnalysisSeasonalCommon
Can't I Guide Your Way TonightSeasonalCommon
Highlight Intro
Keeping You Safe250Epic

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  • Piggu #1 5 years ago
    The Orisa Supercharger DOES stack with the mercy damage buff beam with a total of 80% damage boost. (My friend and I tested this multiple times on multiple maps on PS4 so I don't know if it works for PC)