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Assault guide - Overwatch

Tips for getting started with Overwatch's Assault collection of maps.

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Overwatch's Assault mode is a pretty simple affair to wrap your head around. One team assumes the attacking role and must capture two separate points on one of the three unique maps that represent the category. The other team must defend those same points and stop the attackers from making meaningful progress.

Easy enough, but let's move onto the fine details. The team of players who are attacking have five minutes to capture the first point, but if they fall at this first hurdle then the defenders will automatically win the match. Succeed at taking the objective, however, and an extra five minutes will be added to the remaining time that they have to capture the second point. A fast start is thus rewarded with a little more breathing space hen it comes to finishing the job.

In our beginner's Assault guide, we've collected together a few simple tips and tricks that will help you get on top of this game mode nice and quickly. This is very broad stuff, so at the bottom of this feature you'll find links to our individual guides. These all contain a good deal more specific information for dominating on every battlefield, along with some team composition tips too.

Got any general Assault tips of your own? Let us know in the comments and we'll add them when we next update this article.

Overwatch: Assault - Attacking tips

- Try to do your fighting together, and do it on the actual point whenever possible. The strength in numbers aspect of this is obvious enough, but it's amazing how many teams allow themselves to be fragmented when they could be both supporting each other and doing work towards taking the objective itself.

- In general, you will find that the second point is actually tougher to take than the first. For this reason, it is vital that you get off to a strong start so that you don't waste too much time tackling the first, comparatively easier point. Work together as a team, stick together as a team, and you will drastically increase your chances of getting an early start on the final push.

- Once you've pushed through to the second point it's time to start thinking about multiple approaches for your attacking team. This is where your flankers can start doing a little forward scouting down whatever side passages exist, looking for opportunities to pick off weak targets and make life easier for their friends who are advancing from further back.

-Here's how point capture actually works. As long as there is at least one attacker standing on the point - with no defenders within capture radius - the capture meter will climb. The more attackers there are present, the faster it moves, but it will start falling again a few seconds after all attackers have left. There are, however, checkpoints on this meter as you approach total capture.

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Overwatch: Assault - Defending tips

- Conversely, the defending team should extend the first capture point phase by as much as possible, in order to run down the clock and make the second stage of the fight much harder for their opponents. Keep in mind as well that you have a longer run back to the first control point, so don't be reckless when it comes to pushing back the attacking horde. Know where your Support is, and get to them if you need help.

- Symmetra is an often very strong choice of Hero when you're defending on Assault maps. Her teleporter will keep the troops rushing straight back into battle, while artfully placed turrets will ensure that even the strongest attacking team will have to take pause to deal with the irritating threat they represent! Likewise, a Bastion or Torbjorn can wreck the attacking team and leave them on the backfoot. Positioning, however, is key.

- For the benefit of both sides, here's how the Overtime mechanic works on Assault maps. Overtime will be triggered if there is one attacker remaining on the point. If all attackers leave the zone or are killed - and the Overtime meter runs out - then the match is over. If someone gets back on the point before that happens, however, Overtime gets triggered again.

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