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Season 2 Ranks and Ratings explained - Overwatch

Everything you need to know about the ranking system being used in Season 2.

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Overwatch's second Competitive Play season is now in full swing, and as you've probably noticed by now there have been quite a few changes to the way your performance is ranked.

Out goes the old Skillrating system, and in comes a new tiered ranking system that provides much more room for tracking your improvement over the course of the whole season.

Once you've completed your initial ten placement matches, you'll be assigned a basic bracket. From here you can earn points based on performance which will help you climb up into a higher bracket. You'll never drop entirely out of your best tier if you end up having a terrible time of things though.

This new points system ensures that you get a better measure of your progress throughout the course of a season, as well as a general idea of your overall skill level within the wider player pool. We think it's a much more satisfying way of doing things all round.

To help you get to grips with the climb you face in order to reach the next rung on the ladder, we've put together a quick visual guide that outlines all of the available ranks. We've also included the equivalent Season 1 rating for the sake of comparison.

Have fun!

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A few quick words on how you win or gain ranking points as a result of any given match. Blizzard has not revealed the hard numbers powering this ranking system, and so it's impossible to give exact figures on what causes you to gain or lose points each time.

We do know, however, that there are a number of factors at play, from individual performance, win-rates of heroes on individual maps and the difference between average skill ratings on each team. A combination of these and other factors will drive the final number that causes you to rise or fall.

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  • alexandrebaert02 #1 5 years ago
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  • robertraubanborg75 #2 5 years ago
    Since many of the comments were negative i just have to say i found exactly what i was looking for here (which rank point ranges corresponds to which ranks). Thanks!
  • Bedders #3 6 years ago
    @thaddeusquentinbrimb First thing on Monday I'll dig that information out and add it in, assuming it's publicly available/an actual known quantity (and do the same for our Season 3 content). Thanks for taking the time to give feedback!
  • thaddeusquentinbrimb #4 6 years ago
    I think what they're complaining about (and I agree with) is: other than the comparison to season 1 rankings, you've offered no information that we couldn't get just from looking at the in-game description of competitive. What I was hoping to get from this article, and what I believe most people were hoping for, is a description of how the game determines how much your ranking is effected after a match.
  • Bedders #5 6 years ago

    Sorry, I'm very late to picking up on this, we don't have the best notification system in the world I'm afraid.

    Anyway, this article explains:

    - How the placement system works and what you need to do to start ranking.
    - How you're allocated your starting rank.
    - The mechanism for actually moving into different ranks.
    - What those different ranks are.
    - The points you need to achieve in order to move up into the next rank.
    - A comparison with the equivalent rank from the previous season.

    I'm genuinely at a lose to know how this either explains nothing about the ranking system or what it misses out. If you think something is missing here, it would make a lot more sense to say what that is so it can be added and updated!
  • maximedesrosiers78 #6 6 years ago
    @mihaimike84 I thought exactly the same thing... The only information here is what is the season 1 equivalent.
  • mihaimike84 #7 6 years ago
    you've explained absolutely nothing!!