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Overwatch: Year of the Dog Legendary Skins

Our complete guide to all of the Legendary Skins that have been added to Overwatch

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Our Overwatch Year of the Dog Legendary Skins page contains details of Zhu Que, Xuan Wu, Bai Hu and all the other new skins in the game.

The release of Overwatch's Year of the Dog update has not only added a new map, a new Capture The Flag competition and plenty of quality of life changes, we've also got some tasty new Legendary Skins to unlock.

All of them are, of course, themed around the Lunar New Year celebrations. They're now available to loot from special Year of the Dog Loot Boxes, or you can craft them using your stash of in-game credits.

On that note, last year's Lunar New Year items have also returned to the game and are now avaialble to purchase at a dramatically reduced cost. Just keep in mind that the new stuff will only be available at a premium rate until the event - presumably - returns next year.

Without further ado, here are all of the new Year of the Dog Legendary Skins, with last year's items following on in the gallery.

If you want to get a look at absolutely everything from last year, here's Overwatch Central's comprehensive video guide:

Here's a quick overview of what else will likely return with Year of the Dog:

Capture the Rooster - This Capture the Flag affair saw players compete to grab their opponent's flag and rush it back to their base before it could be retrieved. We'll have to wait and see whether the mode is expanded upon, or expanded into another map for Year of the Dog.

Lijiang Tower - All three control points on this map where given a makeover to match the new year, and will almost certainly make a comeback in 2018. Perhaps we'll even get another updated map to go with it as well?

UPDATE: A new map - Ayutthaya - is coming to Overwatch and is built specifically around the Capture The Flag format. Expect a mixture of old and new in this Thai map, and our Ayutthaya guide has everything you need to know about this event.

A new Sudden Death mechanic is also being introduced to Capture The Flag. If teams are heading for a draw, the flags will spawn in the centre of the map, and players will have a shorter distance to cap. Note also that certain abilities (such as Winston's leap) will cause the flag to be dropped.

There will be a separate competitive season for Capture The Flag during the Year of the Dog. It will last four weeks and the Top 500 players will receive a special spray and player icon. Those who complete their placement matches will also receive cosmetic rewards.

Cosmetic Items - A total of 124 new items were released to mark Year of the Rooster. Expect more items to be added with this year's crop of cosmetic content. It has been confirmed that both genji and Mercy will be receiving a brand new Legendary skin each, and one other hero is getting a new Highlight Intro.

Here's the breakdown of what was released last time around:

  • 6 Epic Skins
  • 7 Legendary Skins
  • 3 Emotes
  • 7 Victory Poses
  • 23 Voice Lines
  • 52 Sprays
  • 3 Highlight Intros
  • 23 Player Icons

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