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Lucio glitch provides permanent speed boost - Overwatch

Enjoy it while it lasts...

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A canny Overwatch Redditor has discovered a neat trick you can use on Volskaya Industries to provide Lucio with a pretty spectacular speed boost. It's almost certainly not working as intended for Blizzard, so if you're reading this and it doesn't work, it's probably been hotfixed pretty quickly by the developers.

The exploit works by taking advantage of Lucio's Amp It Up speed boost, which is then quickly used in combination with the moving platforms found in the second half of the map. Once you've triggered the ability, simply hit one of the platforms, and then immediately leap off and keep bunny-hopping as you move.

The glitch means you maintain both the effect of Amp It Up and the faster movement afforded by the travelling platform. Take a look at the video below for an idea of how this all works on the map.

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It can take a little bit of practice to keep those bunny-hops going, so don't be put off if it takes you a little while to get this move down consistently.

The final leg of Route 66 strikes us as another location where you could make use of this trick. If you know of any other good spots for pulling this kind of move off, share away in the comments!

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