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OWL - Stage 1 Results & Standings

UPDATED - Stage 3 Week 5 results now live.

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Thursday 21st March 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Seoul DynastyNew York Excelsior3-1
Boston UprisingVancouver Titans0-3

Friday 22nd March 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Atlanta ReignPhiladelphia Fusion1-3
San Francisco ShockToronto Defiant3-0

Saturday 23rd March 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Soul DynastyVancouver Titans0-4
San Francisco ShockPhiladelphia Fusion4-0

Sunday 24th March 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
San Francisco ShockVancouver Titans3-4


Stage One Standings

PositionTeamWonLostMatches PlayedMap (Won-Loss-Tie)
1Vancouver Titans70724-6-0
2New York Excelsior70722-6-1
3Philadelphia Fusion52717-12-1
4Toronto Defiant52716-11-2
5Atlanta Reign43718-12-0
6San Francisco Shock43717-12-0
6Seoul Dynasty43716-11-1
8Boston Uprising43716-13-1

Stage Playoffs Cutoff

PositionTeamWonLostMatches PlayedMap (Won-Loss-Tie)
9Dallas Fuel43715-15-0
10Los Angeles Gladiators34714-13-2
11Guangzhou Charge34715-16-0
12Houston Outlaws34713-16-1
13Hangzhou Spark34712-16-1
13Shanghai Dragons34713-17-0
13London Spitfire34712-16-2
16Chengdu Hunters34712-20-0
16Paris Eternal3479-17-2
18Washington Justice1679-20-1
19Florida Mayhem1679-21-1
20Los Angeles Valiant07710-19-2


In this section you'll be able to find all the results from the OWL 2019 as they happen:


Saturday 16th March 2019

Team 1Team 2ResultPTETGMTCET
Washington JusticeParis Eternal1-211:00am2:00pm7:00pm8:00pm
London SpitfireSeoul Dynasty0-312:30pm3:30pm8:30pm9:30pm
Boston UprisingDallas Fuel3-22:00pm5:00pm10:00pm11:00pm
Atlanta ReignChengdu Hunters2-33:30pm6:30pm11:30pm00:30am

Sunday 17th March 2019

Team 1Team 2ResultPTETGMTCET
Philadelphia FusionParis Eternal3-111:00am2:00pm7:00pm8:00pm
Washington JusticeFloriday Mayhem3-212:30pm3:30pm8:30pm9:30pm
Houston OutlawsAtlanta Reign1-32:00pm5:00pm10:00pm11:00pm
Guangzhou ChargeVancouver Titans0-43:30pm6:30pm11:30pm00:30am


Thursday 7th March 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Atlanta ReignLos Angeles Gladiators0-4
Los Angeles ValiantPhiladelphia Fusion2-3
Toronto DefiantChengdu Hunters3-1

Friday 8th March 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Paris EternalVancouver Titans0-4
New York ExcelsiorSan Francisco Shock4-0
Dallas FuelShanghai Dragons4-0

Saturday 9th March 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Los Angeles ValiantHouston Outlaws1-2
Seoul DynastyWashington Justice3-1
Guangzhou ChargeLos Angeles Gladiators1-3
Hangzhou SparkToronto Defiant0-3

Sunday 10th March 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Paris EternalSan Francisco Shock1-3
London SpitfireShanghai Dragons2-3
Florida MayhemBoston Uprising0-4
Vancouver TitansChengdu Hunters3-2


Thursday 28th March 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Washington JusticePhiladelphia Fusion1-3
Seoul DynastyBoston Uprising1-3
Florida MayhemGuangzhou Charge2-3
San Francisco ShockHangzhou Spark3-1

Friday 1st March 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Los Angeles GladiatorsLondon Spitfire1-2
Toronto DefiantNew York Excelsior1-3
Vancouver TitansLos Angeles Valiant3-1
Shanghai DragonsChengdu Hunters4-0

Saturday 2nd March 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Paris EternalAtlanta Reign0-4
Florida MayhemHouston Outlaws1-3
San Francisco ShockWashington Justice4-0
Shanghai DragonsDallas Fuel2-3

Sunday 3rd March 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Boston UprisingToronto Defiant1-3
Hangzhou SparkLos Angeles Gladiators3-1
Los Angeles ValiantGuangzhou Charge1-3
New York ExcelsiorSeoul Dynasty3-1


Thursday 21st February 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Washington JusticeLondon Spitfire2-3
Philadelphia FusionFlorida Mayhem1-2
Guangzhou ChargeDallas Fuel4-0
Seoul DynastyChengdu Hunters4-0

Friday 22nd February 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Atlanta ReignToronto Defiant3-1
New York ExcelsiorLos Angeles Valiant3-2
Shanghai DragonsBoston Uprising3-1
Houston OutlawsHangzhou Spark3-1

Saturday 23rd February 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Los Angeles GladiatorsParis Eternal1-2
Philadelphia FusionDallas Fuel1-3
Vancouver TitansGuangzhou Charge3-2
Chengdu HuntersFlorida Mayhem3-2

Sunday 24th February 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Hangzhou SparkLondon Spitfire1-3
New York ExcelsiorHouston Outlaws4-0
Toronto DefiantLos Angeles Valiant2-1
Vancouver TitansSan Francisco Shock3-1


Thursday 14th February 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Philadelphia FusionLondon Spitfire3-1
New York ExcelsiorBoston Uprising2-1
Seoul DynastyLos Angeles Gladiators3-1
Shanghai DragonsHangzhou Spark1-3

Friday 15th February 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Toronto DefiantHouston Outlaws3-2
Atlanta ReignFlorida Mayhem4-0
Dallas FuelSan Francisco Shock0-4
Chenddu HuntersGuangzhou Charge3-2

Saturday 16th February 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
London SpitfireParis Eternal1-3
Washington JusticeNew York Excelsior1-3
Los Angeles ValiantHangzhou Spark2-3
Vancouver TitansShanghai Dragons4-0

Sunday 17th February 2019

Team 1Team 2Result
Houston OutlawsBoston Uprising2-3
Philadelpha FusionAtlanta Reign3-2
San Francisco ShockLos Angeles Gladiators2-3
Seoul DynastyDallas Fuel1-3
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