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Junkenstein's Revenge guide - 2018 - Overwatch

Our updated guide to Overwatch's special Halloween-themed Brawl.

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Our Junkenstein's Revenge guide contains a walkthrough for beating the encounter on all difficulties, including the intimidating new Legendary mode.

Along with the introduction of all the new Halloween cosmetic content comes a new game mode for Overwatch, specially designed to suit the season. The Brawl is called Junkenstein's Revenge, and as was widely predicted it's made a return to Overwatch with the Halloween Terror 2017 event.

Junkenstein's Revenge is a really fun addition to the game, so don't forget to check it out before the Halloween event ends on November 1st. If you need some help beating the encounter on its most challenging difficulty setting, don't forget to take a look at our Legendary page.

Official description

"Dr Jamison Junkenstein wants revenge. Four wanderers have come to stop him."


  • Heroes: Ana, Hanzo, McCree, Soldier: 76
  • Only 1 of each Hero per team
  • No Hero switching
  • Keep the castle doors from being destroyed

Junkenstein's Revenge is a Player Versus Environment [PVE] scenario for the game, and is essentially a Horde Mode. Your castle gate has a health bar, and your job as a team is to eliminate the zombie robots that charge towards it in waves. If they reach the door, they'll do damage to it over time and eventually destroy it, ending the attempt right there and then.

You'll face a number of different zombie creatures throughout the fight. The basic enemies are pretty simple to pick off as they approach in a series of waves, but you'll also need to deal with rocket-firing creatures, as well as a series of bosses that arrive one by one, before launching a final devastating assault as a group!

These bosses come in mutated forms of Reaper, Mercy, Roadhog and even Junkrat himself. Even though you encounter these characters from the PVP roster, keep in mind that this is an AI event only - you can't play as the bad guys here and the only teamwork's taking place on your side of the match.

As you clear waves of enemies, you'll accrue points which go towards your "out-of-three" star rating. Once you have completed all of the waves on offer - and defeated all of the bosses - your points will be totted up and your score will be added to the leaderboard.

You can even earn XP from participating in Junkenstein's Revenge! It's not quite as much as you'd earn from a competitive match (or at least, it wasn't in the original version of the event - we'll update for 2017 once it's live), but we suspect it's probably in line with the points you receive from taking part in the basic AI matches.

There are three different difficulty settings to sink your teeth into, and the higher the difficulty level the more points you'll earn.

  • Normal: Dr. Junkenstein and his minions march upon the castle.
  • Hard: The minions of Dr. Junkenstein grow stronger.
  • Expert: Few will survive the night.
  • Legendary: Fallen wanderers will be immortalized in legend.

Tips and strategy

Note that we'll be expanding on this section of our guide throughout the evening, and into the days and weeks of the event's duration.

- First things first, if you're not very familiar with playing the limited pool of Hereos available in Junkenstein's Revenge then take a look through our massive guides to each one:

- Try to land all of the headshots you can on the basic zombnic enemies, as they're pretty easy to land and will take a massive chunk of change out of each one's health pool.

- There are ample opportunities for Soldier: 76 to use his Helix Rockets on clusters of zombnics so maximise the use of this ability. If you've finished clearing one side of the room with bullet spray, check to the centre for any nice clusters of creatures.

- Soldier 76's Ultimate is significantly better at dealing with trash rather than bosses, unless he's been granted Ana's Nano Boost.

- Assuming there are no other targets, of course, you should prioritise taking out those bomb-flinging bots over all others. They can very quickly whittle down your team health if they're not taking down fast, particularly in the latter stages of the game.

- Hanzo's Ultimate is his most powerful tool in this scenario, so look for massive packs of enemies to blast it through. Hanzo should save his Ultimate though if a Junkenstein appearance is very near - the boss will not be able to dodge the impact in his hiding place.

- Ana's Ultimate is best saved for Soldier: 76's in general as he benefits the most from this rapid ramping up of power.

- Roadhog is a major pain when he shows up - thanks to his incredible self-healing - so Ana's priority beyond keeping her teammates alive is to drop him with a sleep dart. This is particularly crucial when he fires up his Ultimate.

- While Ana is the primary healer in this encounter, Soldier: 76's healing can be vital for success on harder difficulties. While you want to be aggressively pushing back the invaders wherever possible, be ready to drop back and help keep your friends alive.

Boss tactics

Here are some boss-specific tactics that you might find helpful.

The Reaper (Reaper)

No specific tactics to keep in mind here, but you should focus fire immediately as he will otherwise tear you and your defenses to shreds. Just unload everything you've got on him and he should fall pretty quickly.

Junkenstein's Monster (Roadhog)

McCree and Ana both have means to stun this creature, and they certainly should if he's in danger of Ult-ing up. Ana can lock down his self-healing with a grenade as well, so keep your eyes peeled for the start of this animation.

Junkenstein (Junkrat)

Kill the bombers fast during this phase and pick off RIP-Tyres ASAP to stop them doing serious damage to the castle doors. He doesn't move around a lot, which should make offense duties reasonably easy - particular for Hanzo. Watch out for the grenades from Junkenstein though - he'll aim somewhat ahead of you once he puts you under fire.

The Witch (Mercy)

When The Witch shows up, you'll find yourself fighting all the bosses. Prioritise killing her over all others, then tackle the rest of the pack in whatever order you find easiest to deal with. Junkrat can typically be the last of the three to drop.

New Achievements and Trophies

There are four new Achievements and Trophies introduced with the Junkenstein's Revenge scenario, and they each rewards a new Spray.

Here's what you'll need to do to tick off each one:

Survived the NightWin Junkenstein's Revenge on Medium DifficultyJunkenstein's Revenge Spray
Held The DoorWin Junkenstein's Revenge on Hard DifficultyHalloween Special Spray
Four They WereWin Junkenstein's Revenge using each of the 4 HeroesRise of the Zomnics Spray
Not A ScratchWin Junkenstein's Revenge on Medium difficulty with no damage to the doorThe Reapening Spray

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  • adampowell86 #1 3 years ago
    This guide is kind of bad. If you want to beat this on hard mode there's only one strat for the bosses. Ana should boost McCree NOT Soldier since with the boost, McCree can one hit Reaper, Junkenstein and The Witch using Deadeye. Soldier and Hanzo need to concentrate on the tyres as they both can pretty much one hit them too (Soldier's rockets). McCree should be up on the rampart section on the side so his Deadeye has the best coverage and he needs to watch out for when reaper uses Wraith or else it's all over.

    If everything does go tits up, Ana's sleep and McCree's stun will help out a lot, especially on The Monster to stop his healing and his Ulti.

    I've completed hard mode and got the achievement for doing it on all characters. I even completed medium with no Solder as he DC'd.

    Hope this helps!