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Genji Oni skin guide - Overwatch

How to unlock the awesome Oni skin that's just been re-released

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How to unlock the amazing new Oni skin in Overwatch, whether you're playing the game on PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

It's not like Blizzard to repeat a special crossover promotion, but if you missed out on unlocking Genji's Oni skin over Christmas then you've got another shot at doing so right now.

As part of the Heroes of the Storm relaunch, Blizzard is giving you lots of opportunities to unlock some new goodies for Overwatch by playing their reworked brawler. The Oni skin is one of them.

You don't have a lot of time to unlock this cosmetic item though, and so we've revamped our original guide to outline what you need to know in order to grab it before the window of opportunity disappears this Sunday.

Read on for details of how to get this challenge ticked off in pretty short order.

Unlocking the Oni skin

In order to unlock this Genji skin, you'll need to play five games of Heroes of the Storm with a friend, during the game's Nexus Challenge 2.0 promotion.

There are four weeks of promotional play ahead of us, and each week introduces a new quest for you to complete. You must complete these quests in the order they were released, and you can only have one active at any one time. As the Oni items are part of the first week's quest though, you basically have until Sunday 21st May to tick your five matches off if this is all you care about!

Heroes of the Storm is free to play, so simply download the client through the Blizzard launcher on your PC in order to get stuck into your games.

The qualifying modes that count towards your five games played are AI, Quick Match, Unranked or Ranked. If you're a bit nervous about taking on live competition, you can simply wrap this up by finishing off matches with your team against the AI.

Just keep in mind that all of your matches must be completed while teamed up with a friend! Just ask in general chat if anyone wants to group up, and there'll no doubt be dedicated communities created for this reward as well, so don't be put off.

More Nexus Challenge 2.0 guides:


As well as unlocking the awesome Oni skin itself, you'll also receive a related portrait and spray to add to your Genji cosmetic collection. You'll also get some new cosmetic stuff added to your Heroes of the Storm collection too!

Note that these are the rewards from Week 1 of a much bigger promotion, so for quick reference here's what you can unlock throughout the relaunch window.

Again, you need to complete at least five matches in any given week to get the items.

  • Week 1: Oni skin, spray and player icon
  • Week 2: Officer D.Va skin
  • Week 3: Officer D.Va spray and player icon
  • Week 4: Ten free Loot Boxes


As we've already mentioned, you have until 21st May to finish your matches and unlock the Oni skin.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console players

If you're playing on console and are feeling a little left out by this announcement, don't worry! As long as you can access a PC capable of running Heroes of the Storm (which is a pretty technically forgiving game), you can associate the same account details you use on your console when you set up your PC installation.

Check out our guide to unlocking Oni on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for more information on completing this process.

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  • TheKraken9000 #1 5 years ago
    Never mind, I'm too late anyways.
  • TheKraken9000 #2 5 years ago
    So if I don't have a pc for Heroes of the Storm, does that mean I'm screwed and I can't get the oni skin?
  • Fanbxe #3 5 years ago
    Anyone still looking to complete the challenge for Oni Genji this week?
    Add me on
  • Bedders #4 5 years ago
    @Sketchoshot Hi there - you're correct and I've updated the piece to reflect this. Will also make the changes to related articles. Thanks so much for the heads up!
  • Sketchoshot #5 5 years ago
    Sorry if I have misunderstood the deadline, but according to the main site for Heroes of storm, the deadline should be set to 22 of May.

    The quests will appear every week but you will need to complete them in their right order Quest 1 (Genji skin), quest 2 (D.VA Skin etc... before the 22 of May.

    Additional tips worth mentioning for getting the skin is definitely by using the 100 free gems you receive. You can purchase the mega bundle for 3 different categories or 1 all around.

    The second tip is that you don't really need for other friends to come online to play, type in the chat that you intend to complete this or that quest and people will pretty much agree to befriend and party with you.

    Lastly, the quest does not need you to win 5 times but to play 5 times. So this ain't really that bad of a deal as you get to actually try out their game with bonuses