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Control guide - Overwatch

General tips for getting to grips with Overwatch's handful of Control maps.

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Overwatch's Control collection of maps provide arguably the most frantic firefights you can find in the game.

Across Ilios, Lijiang Tower and Nepal, you and your team will have to first capture and then hold onto a series of control points. The first team to bag two out of three possible capture points on each map wins the game. It sounds simple - and it is in principle - but it's easy to slip up and find the point taken from right underneath your noses if you're not careful.

For that reason, we've put together a guide that we think should help you gain the upper hand in battle, and avoid some of the more common mistakes made by many new players. We've got a mixture of tips depending on whether you're attempting to defend or assault a control point, and we've also added a few notes about the rules of Control - this should give you a good understanding of how all of the fundamental systems actually work.

Let us know your own tips in the comments and we'll work them into this guide the next time we update it!

  • The point doesn't actually unlock and become available for capture until 30 seconds have passed. Once a team has claimed the point, they'll start building up percentage points at the rate of around one per second. Note that - unlike in Assault - there are no checkpoints on this progress meter, and you cannot lose any ground you've gained. Once the meter's started filling, it can only rise as long as you're holding your ground.
  • Once your team has captured a point, they do not need to remain on it in order to keep building up the capture meter. By splitting up or hunting, however, you do run the risk of getting overwhelmed. You should also keep your ears tuned in for those audio cues that inform you the opposing team is starting to capture the point from you - a canny flanker can easily get in behind enemy lines and start stealing the objective.
  • Junkrat is one of our favourite Heroes on all of the Control maps in Overwatch. His ability to poke damage in through doors and windows can really catch a defending team off-guard and draw them away from the point. Conversely, a Junkrat who keeps moving around can make an attacking team's approach extremely difficult as each route forwards is turned into a minefield.
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  • If you're holding the point, have eyes on all possible entrance points and keep communicating with your team. Use corners to your advantage if you need to duck into their protection and heal up, and try to anticipate the enemy team's next likely point of approach if you've consistently frustrated the standard route in.
  • The choice of capture points in each round is randomly determined, so you need to brush up on all three if you're to master this mode. Note, however, that once a capture point has been taken you will not see it again on the same match.
  • Be very wary of sitting on the point before it unlocks. It might seem like it gives an advantage - and it will against a bad team - but you'll also represent a juicy cluster of targets for a savvy team to obliterate. You might instead think about clearing the area, and proactively clearing out an enemy Hero or two before focusing on taking the point itself
  • A note on Overtime if you're still confused by the system. When it comes to Control maps, the Overtime meter will come into effect if the dominant team's counter has crept up to 99%, and the fight for control is still taking place. This provides a window of opportunity for the second-place team to catch up and still be in with a chance of winning. Once the losing team have no fighter's present, the Overtime meter will expire and the winners will be declared.

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