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Overwatch: Brigitte Skins, Highlight Intros, Victory Poses, Voice Lines & Emotes

All of the cosmetic items for Hero 27, straight from the Overwatch PTR.

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In this Overwatch article you'll find Brigitte's skins (including Legendary), highlight intros, victory poses, voice lines and emotes.

A new build was released onto the Overwatch PTR yesterday evening, and with it we've had our first glimpse at all of the various cosmetic unlocks that are going to be available at launch for the game's 27th hero, Brigitte.

There will be ten skins in total, with nine to unlock through opening Loot Boxes or using the game's currency system. Of those nine unlocks there are four Legendary skins to grab for the character: Mechanic, Mani, Sol and Engineer.

Additionally, Brigitte will have four victory poses when she's released on the live servers: Heroic, Confident, Rally, Relaxed. All prices are as you'd expect from playing other heroes in the game, and you can view a gallery of both the victory poses and the skins in the gallery below:

Brigitte will of course also have a roster of voice lines that you can use to express yourself on the battlefield. Here's the lot of them, and you'll be able to unlock each one for 25 credits:

  • You won't be disappointed (Free)
  • Be reasonable
  • Get lost
  • Leave this to the experts
  • Mace to the face
  • No shortcuts
  • Swedish engineering
  • This is pie
  • Trust me
  • What are you doing?
  • Working as intended

Finally, here's a video from YourOverwatch which shows off all of Brigitte's cosmetic items. Skip to around 4:30 to jump straight into the highlight intros:

Make sure you check out our massive Brigitte guide for the lowdown on her abilities, with loads of tips and tricks for playing her as well!

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  • KappaKaplan #1 4 years ago
    These are now my second favorite skins, my first being Orisa's skins
  • MetaEd #2 4 years ago
    @IamDonna Hi Donna! You will be able to purchase her skins once she moves from the PTR to the live servers. You don't have to buy them now, or anything like that. Hope this helps, Ed.
  • IamDonna #3 4 years ago
    Woahh!!! Just Loved playing with Brigitte and skins also looks great on her.
    But, here is one question?
    How can i get these skins? Like since, she is PRT so, do i have to buy them?