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Overwatch: Torbjorn turret placement spots: Ilios (Control) - Overwatch

The best spots to place Torbjorn's turrets across the roster of Overwatch maps.

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Firstly, a word of warning. We don’t recommend picking Torbjorn on Control maps. He’s typically stronger when attackers are pushing through a chokepoint and are forced to come face to face with his turret. In this position, Torbjorn can typically sit in the background firing off shots with his Rivet Gun, protected by his teammates.

On maps like Ilios though, you’re not working your way through a map, but fighting in an arena where both teams are on an equal footing.

This means that enemies are able to destroy your turrets before you’ve even set them up, and they’re more easily spotted as placement opportunities are limited. Don’t forget either that Torbjorn himself has a low health pool, so with a destroyed turret his damage output is lower and his odds of survival are even worse.

That’s probably the reason why Lord Quinzulin’s series doesn’t include any of the other Control maps. It’s wouldn’t have made you any friends. Despite this, it’s worth trying some of his spots on the one map he has covered, Ilios, as the enemy simply might not expect it. Just be prepared to switch off Torbjorn if things aren’t going your team’s way.

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Ilios turret spots

The second phase, Well, is where Torbjorn is most likely to have an impact. There’s a lot of high ground to utilise and a particularly nice spot that overlooks the majority of the point.

If you have any amazing spots you’ve discovered on any of the maps, let us know if the comments below!

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  • Aglaril #1 2 years ago
    Thanks, interesting. If only I always had a tamed Mei with me...
    For Volskaya, I like to place a turret on the balcony facing the attackers starting point. If you start running immediately from the start, there is time to place a turret and level it up before running back to safety. It normally distracts them for a minute or two and gets some charge as well before it's destroyed and you start with the positions you mentioned.