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Overwatch: Torbjorn turret placement spots: Hollywood, King's Row, Numbani, Eichenwalde (Hybrid) - Overwatch

The best spots to place Torbjorn's turrets across the roster of Overwatch maps.

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Not sure where to pop down your turrents on Overwatch's Hybrid maps? Try the following for starters:

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Hollywood turret spots

The spot above the Babylon Hotel is a particularly crafty way of getting that initial Molten Core charge going.

When we jump into game as Torbjorn on Hollywood, we like putting our turret together just behind the potted plants near the elevator too. It’s hard to see and sinks damage into everyone that approaches the point.

Another great location which would never have crossed our minds had we not see the video below, is to place your turret on top of the campervan that’s sat there on the last point. Very sneaky!

King’s Row turret spots

Lord Qunizulin shows us the benefits of being creative with your turret placement in his King’s Row video. A standout example lies - once again - in the first position that’s highlighted. The turret lurking between the statue’s feet should really hamper an initial push.

We recommend slotting your turret into the corner of the balcony above Point A, as attacker’s often dive towards your backline. This will punish them for it.

Numbani turret spots

Attackers will often pile into the first point, and so by simply placing a turret near the doorway that leads up to the balcony, you’ll dole out a decent amount of damage and sometimes take out those who have been distracted by your teammates.

On the final point, there’s a great turret location that’s concealed by a tree. It’ll pepper attackers at the choke and cover the entire point, so get out there and use it.

Eichenwalde turret spots

Torbjorn’s a super pick if it’s your turn to defend on Eichenwalde, as his uncanny ability to lay down constant fire on a chokepoint can be devastating. We like the use of turret placement at 43 seconds in the video below, where he places it atop some rusting battle armaments.

At 2:13 he places the turret so it peeks over the stairs next to the first objective - a brilliant way of covering the point in a manner that’s hard to hit and totally unexpected.

Mei’s boost onto the chandelier is by far the best spot we’ve seen on Eichenwalde though. If you have a Mei on your team, this is definitely one location to take advantage of.

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  • Aglaril #1 2 years ago
    Thanks, interesting. If only I always had a tamed Mei with me...
    For Volskaya, I like to place a turret on the balcony facing the attackers starting point. If you start running immediately from the start, there is time to place a turret and level it up before running back to safety. It normally distracts them for a minute or two and gets some charge as well before it's destroyed and you start with the positions you mentioned.