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Overwatch: Torbjorn turret placement spots: Dorado, Route 66, Watchpoint Gibraltar (Escort) - Overwatch

The best spots to place Torbjorn's turrets across the roster of Overwatch maps.

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Next up are the Escort maps in the game. Here’s what you need to know about optimal turret placements on the next four maps.

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Dorado turret spots

There’s a really neat spot shown here, where you can tuck the turret to the left of the president’s statue. We’ve not seen many people place their turrets in this position, so it should take your enemies by surprise.

Route 66 turret spots

While it’ll get destroyed quickly, the first spot shown is a fantastic way of taking enemies by surprise straight out the gate and netting some Ultimate charge at the same time.

As a follow up, forging a turret by the green waste dumpster will make it particularly hard to hit, and will put pressure on attackers as they try and round the first corner.

We see the spot directly above the final point as the most effective. It should target attackers as they make the long, agonising push towards it, and should be pretty tricky to see being so far away from them early on.

Watchpoint Gibraltar turret spots

Undoubtedly, putting a turret on the high ground is key to Torbjorn doing well on this map. With that said, it couldn’t get any higher than the awesome spots on top of the space shuttle. Being so high up forces enemies to aim skywards, distracting them and even forcing those who can get up there more easily than others (Winston, DV.a etc) to peel away from their team, leaving their backline vulnerable to a counter attack.

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  • Aglaril #1 2 years ago
    Thanks, interesting. If only I always had a tamed Mei with me...
    For Volskaya, I like to place a turret on the balcony facing the attackers starting point. If you start running immediately from the start, there is time to place a turret and level it up before running back to safety. It normally distracts them for a minute or two and gets some charge as well before it's destroyed and you start with the positions you mentioned.