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Overwatch: Baptiste Release Time - US, UK and Europe

When you can expect Hero 30 to launch in Overwatch.

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Our Overwatch Baptiste release time page contains launch details for the US (PT), UK (GMT), Europe (CET) and other global regions.

Baptiste is the next hero to join the Overwatch roster, and although he's classed as a Support character he's more than capable of dishing out the pain thanks to a burst rifle that shoots pretty precise rounds in rapid succession.

More than that, he can also set up a devastating matrix field which amplifies all friendly fire that passes through it and into the enemy team on the other side of it.

But it's the defensive and support areas where he really shines. He can throw out a forcefield which prevents allied health from falling below a certain point, initiate a healing aura, and fling grenades around which each top up his teammates' health.

He's about to go live in Overwatch a little later on today - and our Baptiste guide will get you up to speed on how to play him - but what time will the next hero launch across the world?

Well, Blizzard's established a pretty solid schedule for these things by now, with maps, events and updates all going live at 11:00am PT. Although things do occasionally get delayed, that's about the time you should expect Baptiste to be released.

If you're not living in that timezone, you might be interested to know what Baptiste's release time looks like in your corner of the world. If so, then never fear as we've got our ever-handy chart to break things down for you:

EuropeAmericasAPAC (20.03)
6:00pm GMT11am PT2:00am CST
7:00pm CET12pm MT2:00am SGT
8:00pm MSK10am CT3:00am KST
2:00pm ET3:00am JST
3:00pm AT4:00am AEST
3:00pm BRT6:00am NZST

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