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Moira skins - Overwatch

All of Moira’s skins in one place.

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Ed will not rest until a new Wario Land is announced.

Much like Doomfist, Overwatch’s latest hero isn’t exactly a hero, but more of a villain. Moira’s a support character that siphons energy from her opponents and uses this to heal her allies. She’s also similar to Zenyatta in the sense that she’s got two flingable orbs which either focus on dealing damage or healing multiple teammates at once.

As Moira’s just hit the PTR, we’re getting to know more about how she plays and exactly how she’ll fit into the metagame. On top of this, we can get a good look at her skins and rock the David Bowie inspired “Glam” whenever we play her - it’s just too good.

Take a look at all of Moira’s skins below.

If you're after a comprehensive look at Moira's abilities and constantly updated tips and tricks on how to play her effectively, make sure you check out our Moira guide.

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