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Junkenstein's Revenge - Hard mode timers and tips - Overwatch

What to expect at every stage of Junkenstein's Revenge, and how to deal with it.

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Chances are that by now you've already had a go at Junkenstein's Revenge, the new Halloween Brawl added to Overwatch this week. That said, you've quite possibly not managed to beat Junkenstein's Revenge on Hard mode, given how tough the action gets in a very short space of time. You've only got a couple of weeks to tick this achievement off before the event ends, and so we thought we'd try and round up some tips to help you beat the Brawl on this setting.

The best video guide we've found so far - and really, seeing this in action makes a huge difference to understanding the strategy involved - has been produced by YouTuber Jangular, and we wanted to highlight it here on Metabomb. Make sure you watch it all the way through to the end, and do give it a thumbs-up if you found it as useful as we did.

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Hanzo should be to the left above the door, where he can jump down if needs be.

Soldier: 76 should focus on the middle of the area and blast away at the incoming horde.

Ana and McCree should stick to the right where they can clear out other approaching waves, and chip in elsewhere when required.

When it comes to regular waves, prioritise killing RIP-Tyres, then Zombadiers, then the regular Zomnics.


The video above provides some extremely valuable information on the timings involved with this fight, and understanding what is going to happen and when will help you out a huge amount.

The timings aren't provided in the video description though, so here's the lowdown on what to expect, when to expect it, and how you should deal with the problem.

5:50You'll get a RIP-Tyre approaching from the right.
5:32You'll get a RIP-Tyre approaching from the left.
4:41Reaper spawns. As he Shadowsteps in, have Hanzo drop down and fire his Ultimate across middle to force him into Wraith Form. At this point, Ana should use Nano Boost on McCree and McCree should take out Reaper in one fell swoop.
3:52You'll get a RIP-Tyre approaching from the middle.
3:37You'll get a RIP-Tyre approaching from the left.
3:32You'll get a RIP-Tyre approaching from the right.
2:45Roadhog spawns to the rear and the middle. Hanzo should fire his Ultimate down that middle channel again to clear the way and hurt Roadhog. Ana and McCree again coordinate their Ultimates on Roadhog. Soldier: 76 will need to use his Ultimate to finish this fight, but teammates should use stuns to stop the boss self-healing.
2:22You'll get a RIP-Tyre approaching from the right.
1:45Junkrat spawns on the balcony at the top right. Do some damage, but focus more on clearing any other waves as someone else is on their way...
1:35Reaper will spawn. Follow the same strategy as before, but have Ana drop a Sleep Dart on Junkrat after Ult-ing while her allies deal with the threat.
0:48You'll get a RIP-Tyre approaching from the left.
0:46You'll get a RIP-Tyre approaching from the right.
0:34Reaper spawns again and Shadow Steps. Deal with the threat again, then make sure everyone charges up their Ultimates nice and quickly for the big one...
0:00Mercy spawns and rezzes Roadhog and Junkrat. Focus everything you have on her, then deal with Roadhog before finishing off Junkrat.

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