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Doomfist Tips: Meteor Strike tricks and strategy advice - Overwatch

Take punching your enemies to new heights.

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Doomfist thrives in close quarters combat, crushing enemies with his robotic gauntlet and peppering in bullets with his other hand. He’s able to bound and leap across maps with insane mobility, crushing enemies with energy blasts and AoE slams.

Out of all Doomfist's abilities, Meteor Strike hits the hardest. Activating it causes him to soar into the sky before plummeting in one devastating ground strike. We’ve put together a few advanced tips to help you make the most of his Ultimate ability, and ensure you start using it in all the right situations.

As we get more hands on time with Doomfist, we’ll update this article with even more tips and advice. Stay tuned for more!

Meteor Strike tips and tricks

  • It might seem strange, but Meteor Strike can be used inside buildings, so don’t hesitate to use it!
  • Meteor Strike is one of the strongest escape tools in the game. Simply activate it when you’re in big trouble and the enemy won’t scratch you. The only thing you’ll have to worry about is selecting where you want to land - right next to your healers is our hearty recommendation.
  • We like using Meteor Strike in the heat of battle, as it’s too obvious when used as an engagement tool. When you’re all caught up in a big fire-fight, it’s so much harder for the enemy to react intelligently to your Ultimate.
  • Imagine Meteor Strike as a point and click positioning tool. Focus not on doing tons of damage (as tempting as it is), and concentrate on planting yourself where the enemy is most vulnerable. We recommend plummeting into their backlines so you can pick off any squishy healers or damage dealers.
  • If you know a member of the enemy team has a particularly powerful Ultimate ability which you you'd rather avoid, pop Meteor Strike and wait out the storm.
  • Zarya and Doomfist get on really well. Zarya’s Ultimate, Graviton Surge, compliments Meteor Strike to an absolute tee. Do your best to coordinate and reap the rewards!

After a comprehensive look at everything Doomfist? Our Doomfist guide contains absolutely everything you need to know about the new hero.

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