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Castillo guide - tips, tactics and strategy advice - Overwatch

Everything you need to know about playing on the new Overwatch map.

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Our Castillo guide contains all of the tips, tricks, tactics and strategy advice you need to know in order to master this map.

The much-anticipated Overwatch Anniversary event has just hit the live servers, and we're currently in the process of grabbing all of the latest content from the game. Check the homepage for details of all the skins and other cosmetic items that are now available from the special Anniversary Loot Boxes.

Most exciting of all though is the arrival of three new maps for the game. Before you get too excited though, keep in mind that these new arena maps will be limited to the game's Arcade mode. Still, if you're up for a little 3 v 3 or 1 v 1 action, these should provide a very welcome distraction from the usual Quick or Competitive games you'd typically get stuck into.

This is the first edition of our Castillo guide, and in the hours and days ahead we're going to be expanding on this article continuously. Expect video guides and other tips and tricks to be added in due course, so check back regularly for updates.

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Castillo Overview

Here's the official description for Castillo:

"Castillo is an old fort looking out over Dorado's bay. it's the location of Calaveras, a bar frequented by questionable patrons; a graffitied Los Muertos hangout; and Sombra's hacking den.

"Test your skills against the enemy team throughout Castillo's multiple levels, and use its winding stairs for cover and strategic advantage."

Castillo tips, tricks and tactics

You don’t want to get caught fighting in the narrow corridors and doorways located around the arena’s high ground. Instead, try and mix up your usage of the low ground too, darting underneath and around enemies above you, or even all out fighting in the centre if you’ve got the mobility to out-manoeuvre your opponents.

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