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Blizzard World: All the new Legendary Skins in Overwatch

Every Blizzard World themed skin coming to Overwatch.

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On this page you'll find all of the Blizzard World Skins that have just been added to Overwatch with the latest content patch.

With the reveal of Overwatch’s latest map Blizzard World at last year’s Blizzcon 2017 event, Blizzard’s also surprised us with a slew of upcoming skins to outfit our favourite heroes with.

Below you’ll find each and every Blizzard World skin to come out of Blizzcon 2017. We covered all the latest Overwatch news to come out of Blizzcon, so make sure you check out our Moira guide to get clued up on the newest Support hero as well as our Blizzard World guide for an in-depth look at the upcoming map.

It's also worth quickly pointing out that each and every one of these skins will be available in Overwatch's standard loot boxes upon release!

UPDATE - 23rd January 2018

The new skins are now live on the Overwatch servers, along with new map Blizzard World. As soon as we have high quality screengrabs for you, we'll get them from the game and slot them in here! Please bear with us while we update the site.

Looking for the new base Loot Box cosmetic items that have just been added instead? We've got them all rounded up for you at that link.

Immortal Orisa

Barbarian Zarya

Magni Torbjorn

Blackhand Doomfist

Butcher Roadhog

Nova Widowmaker

Ecopoint Mei

Crusader Reinhardt

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