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Untitled Goose Game’s speedrun record just keeps improving

Give it a gander, it won't take long.

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On the day after GDQx, the speedrunning world hasn’t been sleeping. Since the release of Untitled Goose Game, we’ve all got on board with House House and the society-wide embracement of chaos. This isn’t enough for speedrunners though - they've tried non-stop to play through it and steal the beautiful miniature golden bell as quickly as possible.

French speedrunner Seij has been well and truly leading the way in Untitled Goose Game speedrunning, coming up with several Skyrim-style object clips to glitch through the world, climb the tower and steal the bell at a ridiculously fast pace.

Seij today achieved yet another world record, completing the game in just 2 minutes and 47 seconds, although they did say the run suffered from a few mistakes so the record could feasibly be lowered.

Seij has been a speedrunner for a while now, placing in the top 10 for categories within many games, from Minit to Katana ZERO but it seems that waterfowl are what brings the best from Seij. We’ll be keeping an eye on the Untitled Goose Game leaderboards though, safe to say the speedrunning community won’t stop honking for some time.

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