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TSM is building a $13 million esports training centre

Inspired by the training facilities of top NBA teams.

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One of the largest esports organisations in the world is set to begin construction on a $13 million esports training centre in Playa Vista, Los Angeles.

The new facility is due to be completed by February 2020 and will be TSM’s new hub of operations. It will play host to house studios, gaming rooms, coaching rooms, streaming rooms and even a fitness studio and wellness centre.

In an interview with The Times, TSM founder and CEO Andy “Reginald” Dinh explained that the organisation had toured the facilities of NBA teams, the LA Lakers and Golden State Warriors to help build its vision:

“What they built was great for basketball players and we wanted to build a similar facility catered for esports players,” Dinh told The Times. “We want to have the best training environment for our players. We want to make sure our players and staff have everything they need to succeed. Over the next 10-20 years we want to maintain our position as a global esports leader.”

With its new facility, TSM believes that having all of its players in one location will make it easier to track their progress and performance. This new focus on “data science” and “physical science” isn’t something many esports teams harbour at the moment, so the organisation is hoping this will elevate esports as a whole.

Esports houses and training facilities aren’t a new concept by any means, but one of this scale is certainly unprecedented. The most celebrated CS:GO team in the world, Astralis, famously has a training schedule inspired by traditional sports teams, where physical well being has taken on a key role in its continued success.

TSM’s newest venture could usher in a new era where many other large esports organisations like EU’s Fnatic or South Korea’s SKT begin plans to build their own, just as impressive, facilities where esports and physical training intersect.

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