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TSM emerge victorious in the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational

They set pulses Wraith-ing.

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The Apex Legends Preseason Invitational is the biggest competition the game has ever hosted, and it did not disappoint. The Grand Finals ended up being drawn out over 11 games, as no team seemed able to close out a win after reaching a Match Point, leading to tense moments and exciting climaxes to the games.

The Wattson, Wraith and Pathfinder team comp was by far the most popular thanks to the versatility offered with these Legends. Wraith offers great mobility in team fights, Pathfinder gives you traversal options impossible with any other Legend, and Wattson gives teams the option to bunker down when the late-game hits and you’re looking to hold the fort.

TSM eventually won out, but not before a whole host of twists and turns scuppered the plans of countless big-name teams. All-Russian lineup 789 (formerly known as Team SEX) shocked fans early on in the game, emerging top of the winners bracket despite the fact that they are an unsigned trio without many big wins, as well as personal troubles forcing the team to lose GodspeedNiko and swiftly draft in a replacement in Exens. Esdesu’s Wattson took an early lead in the Apex Predator stakes, and the team gained Match Point Eligibility, but were unable to clutch out that one final win.

Given that the tournament’s format means a team can only win with a battle royale win, things started to get tense in later rounds. As more and more squads surpassed the 50-point threshold required to be in with a chance of winning, it truly felt like anyone’s game. Eventually, though, there had to be a winner, and TSM claimed their second straight Apex Legends victory, and $105,000, through a tense final battle against GamersOrigin, who were also on Match Point, and MVP.

The winner was chosen on Match Point, but the rest of the placings were points-based, putting Natus Vincere in second and Wyvern in third. Liquipedia kept track of the overall standings in the Grand Final.

This tournament bodes well for the future of Apex Legends esports, and hopefully we get more ridiculously intense battling thanks to this format.

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