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Ninja, King Richard and Dizzy win first round of Twitch Rivals Apex Legends tournament

Trio picks up an impressive total of 355 kills and 13 wins.

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Team Kings Canyon, composed of streamers Ninja, King Richard and Dizzy, claimed victory in the very first round of the Twitch Rivals Apex Legends tournament.

As Apex Legends doesn’t have any custom modes right now, the tournament wasn’t a fight to the death between streamers. Instead, each team grouped up, jumped into public matches and raced to see who could earn the most points by securing kills and victories.

Over the course of four hours, teams from both EU and NA fought to top the leaderboard by earning the largest points total. One point was awarded per kill, and five for a victory.

Kings Canyon earned a total of 355 kills and 13 wins, which equated to 420 points in total, just one point higher than Reids Money Team (chocotaco, vsnz and huskerrs) who couldn't quite manage to secure enough wins to clinch the top spot.

The Broys (Shroud, Skadoodle and Just9n) came in third with 394 points, while Team Pepega (Lirik, shortyyguy and Seagull) secured fourth place with 368 points in total.

The EU region couldn’t quite boast the same numbers as North America, with Team MANE (Gotaga, Mickalow and Robi) earning top spot at 399 points. Team Nordics (Forsen, kowa and orb) claimed second place with 362 points, and POG TEAM (Welovegames, i1ame_ru and makataO) earned third place with 305 points.

Having topped the leaderboards in EU and NA, both Team MANE and Kings Canyon received a nice $8,000 cash reward, while the players who earned the most kills in each region pocketed a tasty $7,500.

You can catch up on all the action through the official Twitch Rivals replay VODs and you can see all the results over on the standings page.

The second round of the tournament begins on 19th February and it'll be interesting to see if Kings Canyon can do it again. We have a funny feeling The Broys will come back even stronger...

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