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FaZe Clan and Manchester City Football Club announce partnership

Football is basically a Fortnite ripoff anyway.

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In a press release from Manchester City Football Club, it was announced that a brand new partnership had been agreed with esports organisation and lifestyle brand FaZe Clan.

FaZe Clan, a company that spans across the gaming sphere from esports to streaming and entertainment, will be collaborating with the football club on various endeavors, from sharing training facilities to merchandising and marketing. To be fair, there’s a lot of crossover between fans of esports and football, so City and FaZe will be hoping for a mutual profit from this endeavour.

According to Manchester City’s press release, esports has been an avenue the club has been looking to go down for a while, including launching a FIFA Online team and hosting the Man City Esports Cup, in which 10,000 players faced off all over the world.

Business-wise it’s hard to see how a partnership like this could fail, given both organisations’ success in branding globally. Hopefully, this partnership brings about the advent of esports names for footballers - it’s a matter of time before we start seeing ‘silVa surfA’ plastered to the backs of jerseys for professional students of the beautiful game.

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