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Apex Legends' latest patch buffs Gibraltar and Caustic

The "thicc bois" have been given a boost.

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Apex Legends patch 1.1.1 has gone live and it’s introduced the biggest slew of changes to date. “Thicc bois” Gibraltar and Caustic have been tweaked, weapons have been rebalanced and there’s even a battle pass bonus XP event too.

The main highlight from patch 1.1.1 are the improvements being made to Apex Legends’ chunkiest heroes, Gibraltar and Caustic. Previously they both had some serious hitbox issues due to their larger size which made them incredibly easy to hit. This has now been toned down, so players should find it a little tougher to land shots on them.

Of course, they still have a larger hitbox than most, so Respawn has given them another helping hand. They now have an extra passive perk entitled ‘Fortified’ which reduces damage taken by 10%. As this is a pretty strong ability, Respawn will monitor how things pan out and adjust the numbers accordingly if they seem overpowered.

Moving onto weapon rebalancing and Respawn has given long range weapons more leeway, so players will deal more damage to the body and feel like they’re not being punished quite so hard for missing headshots.

Elsewhere, the Havoc has been buffed, while the Wingman and Spitfire have been nerfed. Oh, and there are some adjustments to Gold Weapon attachments too.

Finally, there’s a Battle Pass Bonus XP event running from 16-18th of April. Get into the top 5 during this time period and it’ll grant you 1 full bonus battle pass level. You’ll be able to earn this special bonus once per day, so make the most.

For a complete overview of all the patch notes, make sure you head on over to Respawn’s official reddit post.

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