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Apex Legends announces new event: Voidwalker

Double XP, new skins, map changes and more.

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Apex Legends’ Iron Crown event is done and dusted, and after some challenges and controversy with the way it was run, Respawn are diving right back into the fray with yet another special event: Voidwalker.

Running from September 3rd until the 17th, Voidwalker will focus on the backstory of one of the game’s most popular legends, Wraith.

There’ll be a solid amount of new content for Voidwalker, as well as special bonuses for players looking to make some progress on unlocking new gear.

Challenges and Loot

Exclusive Challenges have been announced for Apex Legends, with rewards including ‘exclusive skins and Wraith-themed content’. You’ll have to be quick though, the kit is only available for unlock during the two weeks the Voidwalker event runs for. Rewards include weapon skins, a Wraith music pack and badges for your profile.

Direct Purchases

In a deviation from Apex Legends’ standard loot box unlock system, players will be able to unlock cosmetics through direct purchases. You can see the full details of the available skins for both weapons and Legends below.

There will also be six new legendary items added to the game’s loot boxes, which will simultaneously be available to directly purchase.

Double XP

From 6pm GMT on September 6th to 6pm GMT on September 9th, finishing in the top 5 in a match will double your XP gain for both the Battle Pass and your overall level.

Wraith Town Takeover

A ruined research facility has been found in Kings Canyon, and it’s brought a portal to the party. Players will be able to loot the area as well as escape using the portal to skydive elsewhere.

Limited-Time Mode

In Armed and Dangerous, players will struggle to find much loot at all. Only snipers and shotguns can be found, and they’re rarer than ever before. It remains to be seen what kind of metagame will develop from this, and eradicating the mid-range of the game’s pistols and rifles offers an intriguing tactical dimension. Respawn have plans in the works for more LTMs like this, so keep an eye out for future events!

So there you have it: so soon after the last event, Respawn Entertainment aren’t holding back. Let’s hope this one goes down a little bit more smoothly.

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