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What to give the Purple Kodama in Nioh 2

Here's what it's after.

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The Purple Kodama in Nioh 2 is an evil-looking - but very cute - little Kodama who looks as if it wants something. In this guide, we will explain what you can give it to earn rewards.

Hidden throughout practically every level are cutesy, green Kodamas. However there are purple versions which are decidedly more evil-looking, and definitely more mysterious than their happy-go-lucky counterparts.

Wander up to them and they’ll give you a little wave, followed by a prompt saying “It seems as if it wants something”. Other than that, it’s not entirely clear what you’re meant to do.

The prompt’s actually quite straightforward, and it’ll leave you thinking, “how did I not get it?” - it’s what happened to us!

What to give the Purple Kodama in Nioh 2

The Purple Kodamas actually just want something from your inventory. There’s not hint of malice either, as they won’t nick your stuff and leg it, but will actually give you something back in return.

To drop an item from your inventory and present it before them, head into your inventory and press [Triangle]. Once the item has dropped to the floor, they will pluck it from the ground and reward you with a random similar item of the same level and rarity.

When it comes to the items which’ll satisfy these Purple Kodama, we’d say go for: Weapons, Armour, Soul Cores or powerful consumables.

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The fact that they’ll exchange items is perfect for trading high level items or equipment you have no use for. As this is so often the case with the amount of loot the game has to offer, you definitely won’t run out of things to give away.

We’d highly recommend giving these unique Kodamas an item of the highest rarity and level as possible, as this will maximise your returns. There’s no point in giving them something low level, as well, you’ll only get something minimal back.

Occasionally, they may even ask for a “smelly round thing”. If this is the case, then drop them a Dung Ball and they’ll give you a bunch of consumables.

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